3SAE Fiber Preparation Unit (FPU) II

3SAE Fiber Prep Unit II

Polyimide Window Stripper

The 3SAE Technologies Polyimide Fiber Preparation Unit II, FPU II, provides non-contact, chemical free window stripping and end stripping of polyimide-coated optical fibers in a small, affordable package.

The FPU II features 3SAE’s patented Ring of Fire® Technology, which surrounds the fiber with uniform heat and controlled ionic conditions. This patented low temperature arc plasma process window strips or end strips polyimide-coated fibers quickly and cleanly without mechanical blades, acid or any other chemicals. The automated process provides consistent stripping results without requiring special operator skills.

The FPU II is adaptable to your process. Platforms for most fusion splicer fiber holders are available. Strip lengths are adjustable and easily programmable.

Polyimide Stripping: These tough coatings are difficult to remove without severely degrading the fiber’s mechanical integrity. Other polyimide stripping technologies use mechanical blades or rapid thermal decomposition, which produces low tensile strength while leaving the fiber dirty. A more commonly used method, strong acid/alkali chemistry, is hazardous and produces toxic waste. The FPU II is powered by the 3SAE’s patented Ring of Fire® pulsed plasma etching technology to remove polyimide coatings safely and cleanly. The standard FPU II accommodates a single fiber up to 1000 μm diameter, with appropriate fixtures.

User Interface:
The FPU II’s control interface is accessed via the mounted LCD and Keypad. This interface provides operational status updates and provides the operator with advanced control of plasma characteristics, temperature and positioning. The operator can quickly and easily recall and store parameters in any one of up to eight available recipe locations. This allows quick translations between fiber stripping programs.

Product Features

> Chemical free fiber stripping and cleaning

> Compact bench top design

> Variable strip lengths from 2 mm to 30 mm

> Software adjustable parameters

> Available models that support Fitel, Fujikura, Ericsson fiber holders or use with 3SAE univesal clamp


Technical Specs

> Dimensions: 190 (W) x 200 (D) x 140 (T) mm

> Weight: 4.3 kg

> Power Source: 100 - 240 V AC, 50-60 Hz

> Supported Fiber Types: 80 μm - 1000 μm polyimide coated*
*Appropriate fixturing required.




Standard Package and Accessories

Product Part Number Qty
FPU II, Polyimide Window Stripper - Generic Kit FPU-10-0505  
FPU II, Polyimide Window Stripper - Fitel/Fujikura Kit FPU-10-0510  
FPU II, Polyimide Window Stripper - Ericsson Kit FPU-10-0515  
Standard Package    
Power Supply SPT-01-1243 1
Power Cord FPU-02-0037 1
Tool Kit FPU-06-0004 1
Spare Electrode SPT-10-1638 3
User's Manual N/A  
Optional Components    
Electrode SPT-10-1638  
Electrode Sharpening Wheel (Pack of 25) SPT-10-0761  
3SAE Automatic Electrode Cleaner ACC-01-0143  
Generic Platform FPU-06-0065  
Fitel/AFL Platform FPU-06-0066  
80 μm Fiber Holder (Left) ACC-01-0064  
Custom Holders Upon Request    


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