Large Diameter Fiber Cleaver

Large Diameter Fiber Cleaver - 3SAE Liquid Clamp Cleaver LDF

3SAE Liquid Clamp Cleaver II LDF

The 3SAE Liquid Clamp Cleaver II LDF, is the most advanced large diameter fiber cleaver for circular and shaped fibers from 125 μm to 1000 μm. It is available in two different models, the Liquid Clamp Cleaver II-S (LCC II-S) and Liquid Clamp Cleaver II-A (LCC II-A). The LCC II-S is designed for standard, non-angle cleaving while the LCC II-A features angle cleaving with rotation up to 30°.

The primary cause of bad cleave angles is torsional strain in the fiber, induced by torque from conventional clamps. This patented process features a completely torque-free clamping system, which uses a proprietary metal alloy ingot that melts at less than the boiling point of water. This is a lead-free, cadmium-free alloy ingot specially formulated to solidify tightly around the optical fiber when cooled, providing torque-free clamping, even on non-round fibers such as Octagonal shape. A solid-state temperature control system rapidly liquefies and solidifies the alloy as needed. When the alloy ingot is depleted by use, it can be easily replaced. These unique alloy ingots are available exclusively from 3SAE Technologies.

3SAE Vision SystemBoth the LCC II-A and LCC II-S can optionally leverage an integrated manual backstop within the cleaver housing that provides enhanced cleave performance for structured fibers. Alignment of the blade, backstop, and fiber is achieved via the integrated side angle view vision system (requires PC connection). This perspective allows the user to easily verify the proper backstop and blade positioning for various fiber diameters prior to cleaving.

In addition to the best cleave quality obtainable, this LD cleaver has an on-board LCD that provides continuous status updates and instructs the operator in the proper loading and cleaving sequence. The menu system enables the operator to easily create, modify and use up to ten cleaving programs, allowing efficient transitions between different fiber diameters.

Product Features

> Angled Cleaver with up to 30° of fiber rotation and the ability to cleave fiber up to 1 mm in diameter. (LCC II-A only)

> Circular and shaped fiber compatible

> Lowest mean cleave angles available

> Lowest standard deviation available

> Fiber holder compatible (16mm F/H standard, 18mm F/H with fiber holder adaptor plate)

> Extended blade life

> Integrated vision system for blade, backstop and fiber alignment.

> Stores up to 10 programs

> USB PC connection required for integrated vision system

Technical Specs

> Dimensions: 188 (W) x 165 (D) x 245 (H) mm

> Weight: 8 kg

> Power Source: Input: 100 - 240 V, 50/60 Hz

> Fiber Dimensions: 125 μm to 1000 μm

> PC Interface: RS232 (9 pin D-sub, male)

Standard Package and Accessories

Product Part Number Qty
LCC II LDF Models    
Liquid Clamp Cleaver II-A LDF (LCC II-A) CLV-01-0012  
Liquid Clamp Cleaver II-S LDF (LCC II-S) CLV-01-0015  
Standard Package    
Power Supply ACC-01-0141 1
Power Cord FPU-02-0037 1
125-350 μm Fiber Guide SPT-01-0252 1
350-650 μm Fiber Guide SPT-01-1317 1
650-1000 μm Fiber Guide SPT-01-0298 1
LCC Rev 2 Ingot, (10 per pkg) CON-01-0005 1
User's Manual N/A 1
Optional Components    
LCC Rev 2 Ingot, (10 per pkg) CON-01-0005  
Spare Blade SPT-10-1570  
LCC Fiber Holder Adaptor Plate (Fitel 18mm F/H) ACC-01-0130  
LCC II SMA Connector Adapter ACC-01-0116  
3SAE Ultrasonic Cleaner
Fitel/Fujikura 16 mm F/H Rail
3SAE Ultrasonic Cleaner
Fitel/Fujikura 18 mm F/H Rail


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